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Windwear Collaboration x Impossible

Updated: Mar 13

Windwear x I'mpossible Collaboration: Harley Racing Lion Camping Aloha Shirt, the first piece of 2021, narrates the story of a lion racer named Harley enjoying a camping retreat, admiring mountain views. The entire piece of this special edition shirt utilizes an extraordinary embroidery technique, with over a hundred thousand stitches on the back. The left side features both brand names embroidered, while the right side showcases a flag symbolizing both brands merged.

The embroidery is meticulously crafted onto a special black rayon fabric, with black mother-of-pearl buttons and the signature Windwear shirt cut, ensuring comfort even in hot weather.

This limited-edition item is produced to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the I'mpossible brand, with only 49 pieces available.

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